Theme Parks in Poland

Below is an overview of the four Polish theme parks of Momentum Leisure: flagship park Majaland Kownaty and the three satellite parks currently under development in Warsaw, Gdansk and Katowice. Each park is described and also referred to in the catchment area in which it operates or will operate.

Theme Parks in Poland

Momentum Leisure is rolling out the Plopsa formula in Poland, with a flagship park in Kownaty and three satellite parks in the other corners of the country. The proven theme park formula of partner Plopsa is based on the 360-degree media formula, which leverages the power and appeal of characters such as Maya the Bee and Wickie the Viking. The development and operation of four parks spread across Poland means we cover the entire catchment area.
Majaland Kownaty: opened on September 29, 2018
Majaland Warsaw: opened on april 30, 2022
Majaland Gdansk: opening expected in early 2023
Majaland Katowice: opening expected in early 2024

Majaland Kownaty

Majaland Kownaty opened in late 2018, with its full first season attracting 251,000 visitors. The outdoor section was expanded in 2019 to include Poland's first wooden roller coaster. The Wickie Zone was completed in 2020 and featured a Battle Splash and a Disk'O Coaster, as well as a large catering facility. In Q2 2021, a new zone in the theme of Super Wings was opened. Further expansions to the park are on the horizon.
Catchment area of flagship park Majaland Kownaty

  • Majaland Kownaty is located near the Polish city of Poznań, the fifth largest city in Poland with over half a million inhabitants. Due to its direct location at an exit of highway A2 from Berlin to Warsaw, the total reach of the park is extensive;
  • The park's catchment area includes more than 8 million people including the residents of Berlin, Poznań, Gorzów Wielkopolski, and Zielona Góra.

Opening flagship park Majaland Kownaty September 29, 2018

Majaland Warsaw

Majaland Warszawa was opened on April 30, 2022. Majaland Warsaw will be part of a comprehensive complex combining shopping, leisure, and entertainment.
Only existing and proven themes and attractions of Majaland Kownaty will be used and replicated in this park, meaning the construction risk is relatively limited. The listed construction company CFE is responsible for the construction. The park is being developed in cooperation with real estate company Ceetrus, a subsidiary of the Auchan group.

Catchment area of  Majaland Warsaw

  • Warsaw is the most visited city in Poland;
    The plot is located on the northeastern border of Warsaw, within a short travel time from the city;
  • An important development is the realization of the S17 freeway, which has a direct connection to the Warsaw Ring Road, greatly improving the accessibility of Majaland Warsaw;
  • The Warsaw catchment area has an average income 44% higher than the national average and therefore has a strong purchasing power (Source: UrbiStat).

Opening Majaland Warsaw April 30, 2022

Majaland Gdańsk

The purchase agreements for the park land (5.5 hectares) have been signed and the design of the building project is ready in concept. The preparatory works are in an advanced stage and the construction of the theme park is expected to start this year. Also for this park exclusively existing and proven (theme) items and attractions of Majaland Kownaty will be used and replicated.

Majaland Gdańsk, like the other satellite parks, will be built largely as an indoor park with a series of outdoor rides.

Catchment area of Majaland Gdańsk

  • As Gdańsk is a vacation destination for Polish families, the Park is also expected to be a popular tourist destination;
  • The catchment area – up to 60 minutes’ travel time – is expected to translate into a significant number of returning visitors;
  • The plot is located directly on the Tricity Beltway, which connects the cities of Gdańsk, Gdynia, and Sopot;
  • Residents within the catchment area generate an average income that is 20% higher than the national average (Source: UrbiStat).

Majaland Katowice

Majaland Katowice is expected to be built largely as an indoor park with a small number of outdoor attractions. Again, only existing and proven (themed) items and attractions from Majaland Kownaty will be used, so the construction risk is relatively limited. Construction work is planned for 2022 and 2023.
Catchment area of Majaland Katowice

  • The site has the largest catchment area (of 60 minutes travel time) of all four parks, as Katowice is the capital of Silesia, the most populous region of Poland (Source: UrbiStat). Additionally, the location is very close to the border of Slovakia and the Czech Republic with there the third largest city in the country: Ostrava;
  • The average income in the catchment area is 23% higher than the national average (Source: UrbiStat);
  • Katowice is known as a place with sports and music events that is visited by many visitors annually;
  • The location is easily accessible by both car and public transport (located near the A4 freeway with a good connection to the nearby areas of Wrocław and Kraków).