Land Position

Momentum Leisure owns 205 hectares of land in Western Poland's Kownaty, near Torzym. On this land the flagship park Majaland Kownaty is situated. The remaining, still undeveloped land, gives the theme park the opportunity to expand further. Other leisure facilities such as shops and restaurants are also being developed.

Current Land Position

Momentum Leisure creates targeted and strategic partnerships, resulting in a diverse range of leisure facilities around flagship theme park Majaland Kownaty. In cooperation with local parties Momentum Leisure has worked on a master plan in recent years. This in turn has resulted in a permit that provides for:
- A theme park with entertainment facilities; 
- Accommodations, enabling holidays, multi-day visits and overnight stays to Majaland Kownaty; 
- Shopping, entertainment, leisure and hospitality facilities. 

By broadening the area with multiple concepts, themes, attractions and accommodations, it becomes more attractive for (returning) visitors. With accommodations there will also be room for visits lasting several days and Majaland Kownaty - with all the other facilities - will also become a holiday destination.