About us

Momentum Leisure is an internationally oriented company that focuses on the development and operation of large-scale leisure concepts. This is done in cooperation with Momentum Capital B.V., co-investors and strategic business partners in Europe. For example, the company works together with Studio 100's Plopsa Group, which already owns or has interests in eight theme parks in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Poland.

Our Mission

Momentum Leisure is active in leisure. We are currently rolling out a theme park formula in Poland. From that position, we want to strengthen our position on the European market. We develop leisure concepts with a long-term strategy and a safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly character. We initiate experiences in which visitors of any age can actively recreate and relax with educational goals and values through entertainment and games in a safe environment. 

Our Vision

Momentum Leisure develops safe and sustainable leisure projects where visitors can actively relax.

Recreation is done in a safe environment without worries. Whether this concerns the certainty of safe attractions, a child-friendly environment or high hygiene standards; for Momentum Leisure safety is a core value.

It starts with the construction of the parks where all safety regulations are meticulously adhered to and attractions are carefully constructed and tested. Momentum Leisure wants visitors to not only feel welcome and have a great day, but also wants them to have the assurance that they are recreating in a safe environment.

Sustainability theme parks
Our theme parks are built with sustainability in mind and we continuously strive to make our leisure projects more sustainable. The Majaland parks will therefore be fitted with solar panels, which will ensure that (part of) the required energy comes from a sustainable source. A contribution to a better climate is therefore part of the core value of Momentum Leisure.


Martijn van Rheenen

Martijn van Rheenen is founder and (indirectly) majority shareholder of Momentum Capital. From Momentum, he initiated the first land purchases in Poland in 2008 and concluded the joint venture with Plopsa. Van Rheenen is involved in climate tech in other companies to help prevent further climate change. He founded the company Perpetual Next, which focuses on carbon removal and the upgrading of biogenic waste streams.

Robert Rosinski

Robert Rosinski has been working for Momentum since 2009 and has grown to become the Head of Leisure Operations. He was and is fully involved in the construction and operation of Majaland Kownaty and in the roll-out of this formula at the three parks to be built. For years now, Robert has been the main connecting link between Momentum, the local Polish employees and authorities and partner Plopsa. R

Kevin Ho

BA in International Business. Board member of Momentum Capital and member of STAK Management Board Perpetual Next. Broad experience in Accounting & Control at multinationals TMF Group, ATC Group and Raet.

Supervisory Board

Rory van ’t Schip

As a Chartered Accountant and holder of a MSc qualification, Rory van 't Schip been the Head of Finance and Control at Momentum since March 2019. Previously, he worked as an Audit Manager at Mazars.

Jeroen Beckers

Jeroen Beckers has been a member of the Supervisory Board of L&HP since 1 January 2022. As a business and personal coach at Flow+, Jeroen focuses on helping entrepreneurs to take their businesses to the next level. Jeroen Beckers is also General Manager at IPN Global, an international network of entrepreneurs with the aim of exchanging knowledge, experience and best practices at a global level.

Christian Gyasi

Christian Gyasi has been active in Momentum Capital since its foundation. For 15 years, he has been responsible for Capital Markets within the leisure and climate tech companies of Momentum Capital. Christian is an (indirect) shareholder of Momentum Capital and a crucial link between the entrepreneurial activities and the entrepreneurial investors in the financial backbone.

Partners of Plopsa Group

Steve Van den Kerkhof

Steve Van den Kerkhof started as a Finance Manager at Plopsa in 1999. Since 2000, he has been the CEO of the Plopsa Group. In that role, he built up the Plopsa formula in various countries in Europe to a total annual turnover of around 100 million euros.

Luc Van der Biest

Luc Van der Biest has been active at Plopsa for many years. He is currently the Director of Construction and Investments, overseeing the construction of all the parks and attractions in all the past years in the Netherlands, Germany, and Poland.

Sofie Billiauw

Sofie Billiauw was previously Audit Manager at PWC, as well as Audit Manager at BDO. Since 2017, she has been the Finance Director at Plopsa - Studio 100.